Investment Quality Art by Breakaway Artists

David' Barnett Gallery- "David's Attic," October 19th - November 30th, 2018

Inspiration Studios - "Attraction", February 1st, - February 26, 2019

Friends of Boerner Botanical Gardens Valentine's Paint & Sip with Laura Easey-Jones- February 2019. Date TBD. 

Schauer Arts Center- "Wilde About the Theater" - March 22, - June 23, 2019


Francis Annan Affotey

Acrylics, Craftism/Sculpture, Fabric Wearables

Francis Annan Affotey was born and raised in Accra, Ghana. As a child in Accra, “poses” were part of daily life.  They reveal the “secret” joys of which millions of Africans are familiar yet to which much of the world remains blind. A woman feeding her family suggests pride, not inferiority.  A child playing in a slum suggests friendship and imagination, not hopelessness.  His artwork is meant to challenge those who only see Africa through the lenses of conflict, poverty, and corruption.

Milwaukee introduced him to many new cultures with surprising differences and even more surprising similarities to those back home. The similarities and differences have led him to use new media, new techniques, and new concepts.

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