"The Rogues Artists Group has exhibited thematic exhibits at Inspiration Studios that have wowed viewers..."

- Erico Ortiz, Inspiration Studios

"It was a wonderful experience working with The Rogues to put together our first third floor exhibition at the David Barnett Gallery, David's Attic.."

- David Barnett, David Barnett Gallery

“We host many artist groups at the Schauer Performing Arts Center – The Rogues exhibit has been  tasteful, exciting, and unique..."

Suckow Family Art Gallery, Schauer  Arts Center

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Cynthia Lund Torroll

Drawings, Collage/Assemblage

Cynthia began drawing at the age of 2. Detailed works surfaced at an age when most humans are learning to read and write. While in high school, her art teacher gave her one sentence of instruction: "Hold the pencil like you would sign your name." Her teachers noticed her unique style and dubbed it "Lundism" giving her her first solo show when she was 16. Initially Cynthia sought employment in social work, but creating art was always somehow still a part of her life. At her job as a psychiatric assistant, she started doing portraits of her clients. Many of these people were non-speaking and considered low-functioning. But they would happily sit for Cynthia and would react with pure joy and recognition at her results. The clinic she worked for challenged her by asking if she would design corporate advertisements. This eventually led to a continuing, outstanding career in commercial art. She stopped drawing altogether for fifteen years and suddenly began again at the age of 33, when "Heliotroped" was created. "Helioptroped" was drawn in her original style with exaggerated features. She drew ten pieces that first year all in that same style when suddenly, in 1991, she drew "Cacophony" where the features were more normalized. She's continued in that style ever since.

 Her exhibition start was due to a friend entering a print of "Heliotroped" into an art competition where it won Best of Show. It went on to win numerous other notices and was part of the New York exhibition "Brave Destiny: The New Surrealists", a show that included work by Salvador Dali and H.R. Giger. Cynthia's art has been critically acclaimed from the start and has been exhibited, awarded and collected world-wide. Her work focuses on her fascination of being both a physical and spiritual being simultaneously. In that delicate balance, she explores the magical energy that results.

Within the past five years Cynthia has been experimenting with collage and mixed media in addition to continuing her work with graphite. 

​For more about Cynthia visit www.cynthiatorroll.com

Facebook -CynthiaTorroll
Instagram - cyn_torroll
TikTok - @cialundtorroll

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