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Laura Fesser


Laura has been a maker and creator since middle school. While she likes to work in both 2 and 3D, she has come back to drawing and painting as a focus. When she works in acrylics, she tries to capture depth, atmosphere, and light using glazes and multiple layers of paint. When using pastel for portraits it’s about the soft texture of the subject and trying to show their “life” through their eyes.

Laura has always loved light and shadows and has recently been challenging herself to paint the play of light on and sometimes through, surfaces, whether it’s foliage or a man-made object. The subjects Laura chooses intrigues her, inspires her, brings her joy, or pushes her out of her comfort zone.

You can find Laura on Facebookat: Laura Fesser Art
On Instagram is: mrsfesser524

"The Rogues Artists Group has exhibited thematic exhibits at Inspiration Studios that have wowed viewers..."

- Erico Ortiz, Inspiration Studios

"It was a wonderful experience working with The Rogues to put together our first third floor exhibition at the David Barnett Gallery, David's Attic.."

- David Barnett, David Barnett Gallery

“We host many artist groups at the Schauer Performing Arts Center – The Rogues exhibit has been  tasteful, exciting, and unique..."

Suckow Family Art Gallery, Schauer  Arts Center

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