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What they're saying!

"The Rogues Artists Group has exhibited thematic exhibits at Inspiration Studios that have wowed viewers..."

- Erico Ortiz, Inspiration Studios

"It was a wonderful experience working with The Rogues to put together our first third floor exhibition at the David Barnett Gallery, David's Attic.."

- David Barnett, David Barnett Gallery

“We host many artist groups at the Schauer Performing Arts Center – The Rogues exhibit has been  tasteful, exciting, and unique..."

Suckow Family Art Gallery, Schauer  Arts Center

Sophia Zobacheva

Acylic Paintings

According to Sophia, making art sets her on fire. It has absorbed her since she was little.  When she was a girl, she was afraid of failure, so today she values learning over perfection. She was afraid of color, so she blasts color onto her canvases. She was afraid of movement, so she lets her lines slant and bend. She was afraid of accidents, so she honors intuition and welcome mistakes as a pathway to growth. Whatever happens, as long as she is working and progressing, it's worth the paint!

For more about Sophia's work visit worththepaint

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