Anderson Arts Center  -  "A Lineup of Rogues" - June 10 - August 4, 2018

Inspiration Studios - "Art in so Many Words...,", February 1st, - February 26, 2019 

Schauer Arts Center- "Wilde About the Theater" - March 22, - June 23, 2019

About The Rogues Artists

The Rogues Artists Group is a gang of breakaway artists who are dangerously talented.  They are packin' art supplies and setting new standards of excellence in art.

Our Infamous Members:

Carol Christ AKA "Rogue 1"

Gwen Granzow has been Unleashed

Suzanne Eli-Germaine alias "Ma" Herriges

Donna "Wild Thing" Staats has blue and hot pink hair

Laura Easey-Jones sharpens her palette knives

JJ Joyce buries "things" in her yard

Scott "the Chisler" Olson sculpts stone

"Diamond Lynda" Brothen deals in jewels

Dan Pierce AKA "the Hammer"


Investment Quality Art by Breakaway Artists