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"The Rogues Artists Group has exhibited thematic exhibits at Inspiration Studios that have wowed viewers..."

- Erico Ortiz, Inspiration Studios

"It was a wonderful experience working with The Rogues to put together our first third floor exhibition at the David Barnett Gallery, David's Attic.."

- David Barnett, David Barnett Gallery

“We host many artist groups at the Schauer Performing Arts Center – The Rogues exhibit has been  tasteful, exciting, and unique..."

Suckow Family Art Gallery, Schauer  Arts Center

What they're saying!

Donna Staats 

Pastels, Oils and Plein Air

Donna was born and raised in Chicago area. She is a graduate of The American Academy of Art in downtown Chicago.

Animals were always her favorite subject because they are just so much fun to paint. She loves how they move and the texture of their fur and their different personalities. Even though she works in oils and acrylics, she finds pastels more satisfying. She loves applying the layers of pigment to textured paper or board.

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