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What they're saying!

"The Rogues Artists Group has exhibited thematic exhibits at Inspiration Studios that have wowed viewers..."

- Erico Ortiz, Inspiration Studios

"It was a wonderful experience working with The Rogues to put together our first third floor exhibition at the David Barnett Gallery, David's Attic.."

- David Barnett, David Barnett Gallery

“We host many artist groups at the Schauer Performing Arts Center – The Rogues exhibit has been  tasteful, exciting, and unique..."

Suckow Family Art Gallery, Schauer  Arts Center

Deb Van Eyck


Debra's art is inspired by her love of nature, in Wisconsin and in her travels.

Looking at the Microscopic and Macroscopic world have influenced her in her choice of career and her drawing and painting. She spent 45 years looking through a microscope at the details of cellular structure, and learned to appreciate the subtle changes in that structure when affected by disease.

She painted in her 20’s and dabbled in other artistic pursuits.  When she retired, she decided to pick up her brushes and pens, and her painting took off. She loves subjects with complexity and color and tries to capture and learn about what she is painting. She sketches and paints daily to grow and improve her skills.

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