Inspiration Studios - "Attraction", February 1st, - February 26, 2019

General Rogues Meeting- March 9, 1:30,

Artisan Springs Studios

Schauer Arts Center- "Wilde About the Theater" - March 22, - June 23, 2019

Boerner Botanical Gardens - "A Day of Wine and Roses," August 3rd, 2019

Uihlein Peters Gallery - "Ecclectic", August 22 - November 17, 2019.


Investment Quality Art by Breakaway Artists

Cyndy Baran

Abstracts, Landscapes, Figures

For Cyndy Baran, creating Art resonates as a metaphor for her life.  The push-pull of contrasting colors represents the push-pull of the daily demands we face.  We give, and we take; we struggle; we work; we compromise. The drips and dribbles of paint as it runs down the canvas mimics the meandering path we often take as we weave our way through life’s daily challenges.  She has learned that the body intuitively knows what it needs.  If you can be quiet and listen to that voice, it will guide you to the place you need to be.

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